Tuesday, July 23rd, 2024

The Place to Go for all Things Millersville

Millersville News includes a feed of news releases, archives, the Review Magazine, an Experts List and much more.

Have you wondered where to find out about what’s new and happening at Millersville University (MU)? Look no further, the Millersville News blog is the place for all things Millersville.

The Millersville News blog is accessible through the University website. It includes a feed of news releases, archives of previous stories, media coverage on the University and even an Experts List that provides easy access for the public and journalists to find an expert in a particular subject/field from the University. This site also provides access to the University’s magazine, The Millersville Review, which is published twice a year and includes a wide variety of stories in each issue.  Millersville News even has a social media feed, which pulls together posts from the University’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Millersville News was created as an online location for the articles included in the University’s internal newsletter for faculty and staff called, “The Exchange,” which launched on Oct. 4, 1967. In the first issue from 1967, the editor states that the purpose of “The Exchange,” “is simply to provide an outlet to share with the entire Millersville family news that otherwise might not get beyond one office or department …it is to help achieve some sense of unity among us as our growing size works to make us strangers.”

“The Exchange” was a 4-page full color newsletter that was printed and sent out via campus mail to all faculty and staff every two weeks. With the cost of printing going up, and with a concern about sustainability, in 2010 the Exchange became an electronic newsletter that was sent via email every two weeks with links to the stories. In 2016, MU changed the name for the electronic blog from “The Exchange” to “Millersville News”.

This site makes it easy to learn information about news happening at Millersville. Current stories include a feature on the new student representative to the Millersville Borough, a profile of the MU Educator of the Year, and a story that details services that Millersville offers to veterans. There are also updates on Marauder Athletics such as a story about six field hockey players earning ALL-PSAC honors. All news releases that are posted to the website are also sent to the local media. Millersville News has had on average 1,000 visits and three interactions/comments per article monthly.

The Millersville News site is kept up to date with stories and information by the director and assistant director of communications. There are also a number of student assistants who help write stories and create social media posts.

To access the Millersville News site, go to https://blogs.millersville.edu/news/. There are also links to the site included on ‘Ville Daily.


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