Tuesday, April 16th, 2024

It’s On Us Receives New Grant

Millersville University receives a $29,959 grant as part of the Governor’s It’s On Us PA Grant Program.

Millersville University has many educational programs that work to prevent and address sexual assault. In recognition of those programs, the University recently received an almost $30,000 grant as part of the Governor’s It’s On Us PA Grant Program.

Jayme Trogus, director of the Center for Health Education and Promotion at Millersville was on hand at the press conference Jan. 9 at the State Capitol.

“I’m pleased to see people talking openly about the issues surrounding sexual assault,” said Trogus. “It’s gone from being a hidden issue, to one that most people at Millersville University have been trained about and can talk about with knowledge.”

Trogus credits the nationwide ‘It’s on Us’ campaign aimed at putting an end to sexual assault on college campuses. Pennsylvania was the first state to join the initiative in 2016 and earlier this month, Governor Tom Wolf announced for the third year, he’s adding another $1 million in grants for 38 colleges and universities to help address sexual violence and improve student safety.

The Governor’s It’s On Us PA Grant Program supports universities’ efforts to create campus environments in which all community members are informed, active bystanders working together to end sexual violence, and where survivors are able to access the rights, resources and accommodations afforded to them through state and federal law.

With past grants, Millersville University was able to start the Green Dot Bystander Intervention program, teaching faculty and staff how to intervene when they see a potential sexual assault situation happenening.

The current grant is for $29,959.50 and initiatives at Millersville this year include:

-Participating in NASPA’s Culture of Respect Collaborative: a framework that will enable us to work towards organizational change through a rigorous process of self-assessment, guide institutional change, and promote inter-departmental collaborative efforts to prevention and address sexual violence.

-Continued funding to support the student run MU ‘It’s On Us’ program.

-Development of a Title IX peer education program.

-Support of the YWCA professional advocate on campus.

-Offering high-quality training to key campus response staff, faculty and students through on-site workshops that will include members of fraternity and sorority life, athletics, housing and residential programs and conduct.

-A professional speaker on masculinity.



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