Sunday, July 14th, 2024
Faculty & Staff Activities

Faculty/Staff Activities

Biology professor helps sequence the genome of Amazonian bird.

Sequencing Genomes

Dr. Brent M. Horton, biology, worked with a group this past year that successfully sequenced the genome of a unique and charismatic Amazonian bird, the wire-tailed manakin. This work is part of an international collaborative research effort, and once published, this genome will be a valuable resource for researchers around the world to study the evolution of manakins and, more broadly, the physiological and genetic bases of complex behaviors, for years to come. The group hopes to publish their findings in 2019.  Horton says that Millersville University played a key role in this effort, as completing the sequencing of this genome was made possible by funding ($6,000) provided by Dr. Mike Jackson, dean and the College of Science and Technology. In addition, two Millersville biology students accompanied Horton to an international meeting of the ‘Manakin Genomics Research Coordination Network’ in Gamboa, Panama last April to be involved in workshops and discussions centered around the research and related work. Funding to support student travel was again provided by Jackson and the College of Science and Technology.


Faculty/Staff Activities

Janet Kacskos, APR, Communications, was elected to the board of the Mid-Atlantic District for the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA). She will serve as secretary for 2019. The PRSA Mid-Atlantic District is one of 10 PRSA Districts and includes nine Chapters in Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maryland, eastern/central Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Dr. M. P. A. Sheaffer, English, sang as an alto ringer with the Richmond Hill Chorale in Queens, New York on December 2.  The program featured Bach’s “Christmas Oratorio” and a “Musical Christmas Card,” which contained featured Christmas carols and anthems.

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