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Ensure Your Safety on Campus with MU Alert and LiveSafe

The MU Alert system and LiveSafe app are Millersville initiatives to keep students safe and in the know.

Do you know how to find out when classes are cancelled? Are you worried about making it home safe in the dark? With the winter season quickly approaching, it is more important than ever to use university safety resources. The MU Alert system and LiveSafe app are both Millersville University (MU) initiatives to keep students safe and in the know.

LiveSafe App

“LiveSafe empowers students to take ownership of their safety and the safety of their fellow students through their phones through the text tip and peer to peer SafeWalk features.  Students can communicate with our university police officers as well as use a discreet and risk-free bystander intervention program. Our students and officers regularly engage toward creating a safe campus environment, LiveSafe is one example of this community partnership,” said police chief Pete Anders.

As a resource that’s been used by MU for a decade, signing up for the MU Alert system is quite simple. Visit and click on the “create account button in the far top right corner. From there, students should fill out the information, click “submit,” and the website will bring you to its homepage. There will be an option on the page to add a phone number or email address to the MU Alert system in order to receive text message or email alerts. The screen will then have you submit a verification code that was sent to your phone or email address in order to complete the process.

Downloading the LiveSafe app is equally as user friendly. Participants should search “LiveSafe” in the Appstore in order to download it directly. From there, the app will have the participant create an account by inputting either a phone number or connecting via Facebook. It will then have ask to create a password. After that, users are free to use the app. Not only is one able to submit anonymous tips, but also call 911, the MU Police, or even message the MU police as an anonymous text. There’s also a SafetyMap that shows all the emergency blue call phones on campus.

One of the most prominent features of this app, is GoSafe. GoSafe allows students to have a “SafeWalk” or “SafeRide” in which participants can either ask friends to watch them walk or watch a friend walk themselves. This ensures that if a student feels unsafe walking around campus, they can have a friend ensure their arrival at their destination.

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