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Master’s Degree in Gifted Education Ranks High details MU’s gifted education degree as flexible.

With the increased importance of gifted education opportunities for students on the rise, the need for specialized teachers in this field is in high-demand. Recently, Millersville University’s (MU) master’s degree in gifted education was ranked 22 in the nation by

“I am pleased that we are able to serve as a source of information and inspiration to so many teachers and their students, and that through the assignments and action research of our students, we are making a significant and lasting difference in the lives of gifted learners, whose needs are far too often neglected and overlooked,” said gifted education professor, Dr. Charlton Wolfgang. details MU’s gifted education degree as flexible, noting the program’s ability to work alongside other specializations such as psychology, leadership and more.

Judged based on five criteria, bases rankings on quality of the program, reputation of the university, affordability of the degree in comparison to other schools, value in regards to how the program will increase earning potential and overall student satisfaction with the program.

Graduates of this program have the opportunity to obtain one of three possible credentials: a 36 credit master’s in education, an 18 credit post-baccalaureate certificate in gifted education or a 12 credit program resulting in an endorsement in Gifted Education.

All programs include classes such as Psychology of the Gifted, Programming for the Gifted, Evaluating Instructional Effectiveness: Application for the Gifted and others In addition, programs have the flexibility to be taken fully online or in-person based on the student’s preference and course availability.

“I am looking forward to continuing our positive momentum in terms of enrollment, impact and advocacy. Our enrollment continues to climb in each one of our programs, and I am especially excited about the increasing number of graduate students that we are getting from outside the state,” concluded Wolfgang.

For a complete list of rankings, visit the list rankings.

For more information on MU’s gifted education program, visit gifted education program.

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