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Student Workers Helping Admissions Stay SHARP

Students Helping Admissions Recruit Prospects

How does the Office of Undergraduate Admissions accommodate 15,000+ guests to campus each year? It helps to have a SHARP Team.

The Students Helping Admissions Recruit Prospects (SHARP) Team comprises 80 student employees who have been specially trained to assist with undergraduate recruitment. Under the supervision of Admissions Assistant Director Joshua Belice and Graduate Assistants Samantha Christmann and Willow Peluso, SHARP students conduct campus tours, help escort the President and perform a myriad of other “duties as assigned” to support Admissions events such as Open Houses and the Admitted Student Expo.

New and returning SHARP Team members receive training each fall and spring as it pertains to their role of event staff, tour guide, student ambassador or lead student ambassador. This fall, the SHARP team will receive training from campus partners like PSECU, Dining Services, Student Success (to complement the Safe Zone training from the Intercultural Center last spring), McNairy Library and the campus Sustainability Manager.

What makes a good SHARP Team member? Generally, students in good academic standing who are dependable, interested in developing their leadership and public speaking ability, and willing to learn new things and meet new people are ideal candidates. Students who are multilingual and students with diverse backgrounds are becoming increasingly valuable to the recruitment process. Having more transfer and out-of-state students on the SHARP Team also helps Admissions strengthen their outreach to those prospective audiences.

Students who excel on the team have the opportunity to advance, receive additional training and realize opportunities to connect with both the campus and local community. They represent Millersville University at local college fairs and give tours to candidates vying for faculty and staff positions. Student Ambassadors who demonstrate high levels of leadership may be promoted to Lead Student Ambassadors or LSAs, who oversee a team of ten more SHARP Team members, providing professional development workshops.

“Being on the SHARP Team helps students develop their campus network and cultivate networking skills,” Belice said. “Two former team members have gone on to become Student Government Presidents, and I am really proud of both of them.”

Students interesting in learning more about the SHARP Team can reach out to Samantha Christmann by email at or

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