Saturday, June 15th, 2024
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Professional Development Program Returns for Frontline Supervisors

MU Supervisory Training Certificate Program revitalized.

A revitalized MU Supervisory Training Certificate Program (MUSTCP) returned to Millersville University (MU) this spring. Presented by the Office of Human Resources in conjunction with other departments, this two-day workshop is designed with the purpose of engaging our frontline leaders in conversations relating to employment and supervision of others. The program focuses on business practices in the areas of purchasing, budgeting, information technology and Title IX. Training is specific to Millersville University and aligns with our organization’s EPPIC (exploration, professionalism, public mission, integrity, compassion) values.

May 2018 MUSTCP class

Finance and administration supervisors were invited to attend May and June class offerings, resulting in over 50 certificate recipients.

June 2018 MUSTCP class

“This program is a development opportunity for supervisors that pays dividends to the MU community through improved supervision, communication, and networking within the group,” says Wendy Bowersox, workplace training coordinator at MU.

Additional MUSTCP sessions will be held throughout the 2018-19 fiscal year.





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