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Machado Works on 90-Day-Fiancè

“Editing is storytelling, and I love that.”

Having worked in the editing business for over a decade, James Machado, assistant professor at Millersville University, is no stranger to television production. When an opportunity to work as a picture editor with Sharp Entertainment on the popular television series “90-Day Fiancé” arrived, it felt like a natural fit.

With season six currently in the works, “90-Day Fiancé” is a reality series involving a 90-day courtship between couples that ends in possible marriage. The show airs on the television network, TLC.

“As a member of the post-production team, I am tasked with taking the raw material shot in the field and assembling the story that will be broadcast by The Learning Channel,” said Machado, who teaches in the Department of Communication & Theatre at Millersville.

In order to do this, he must pick from hours of footage and determine how to construct the story in a meaningful way. His edits are then sent along to the producer, executive producer and network executive for final approval.

“90-Day Fiancé” is not the only project Machado has worked on. He has been actively working as a freelance editor of long-form television since 2005. A few of his many works include “CBS Evening News with Katie Couric,” “Pawn Stars,” “Alaskan Bush People,” “Counting Cars,” “We’re the Fugawis,” “Chowdown Countdown,” “Mecum Dealmakers,” “Corner to Corner” and several independent documentary films and projects.

“[My favorite part about doing this type of work is] being able to spend time with the material and discover the story inside it,” said Machado. “I’m constantly thinking about how the viewer will experience each moment in an edit and how I can make my work invisible and seamless. Editing is storytelling, and I love that. I can take the same material and tell the story a hundred different ways from a dozen different perspectives.”

Machado’s experience has served him well as he has been able to bring this editing knowledge into the classroom as a professor of communication. He teaches many classes including Intro to Audio & Video, Survey of Mass Media, Television Production and more.

“The reason I waited 11 years to begin my teaching career was so I can bring substantial professional experience and industry knowledge directly to my students every year. I think they are well served by my experience,” he concluded.

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