Tuesday, April 23rd, 2024

Millersville to Host 11th Annual Science Olympiad

More than 800 participants and volunteers, who are passionate about STEM, will be on hand.

As hundreds of students ranging from ages 11-18 stand in the crowded gymnasium, they anxiously wait for their name to be called as the “big winner.” These students are from both the Middle and High School levels and are competing for the chance to win one of many categories in the annual Science Olympiad; a competition in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Millersville University’s 11th annual Science Olympiad competition will take place on March 24 and more than 800 participants and volunteers, who are passionate about this field of study, will be on hand.

Fifty-two teams will compete across campus in McComsey, Caputo, Roddy, Brossman and Pucillo. Each team consists of 15 students from across Central Pennsylvania who have competed amongst each other to be a part of this unique experience.

“Science Olympiad is an excellent opportunity to engage students early on in their academic career and to excite them about the possibilities of a career track in the STEM fields,” said Dr. Kathryn Allen, the site director for this competition.

The events in this Olympiad include every STEM field ranging from meteorology to chemistry. With both on-the-spot knowledge tests and device competitions that required preparation ahead of time, this event truly tests every aspect of a student’s STEM knowledge.

“My favorite part is seeing students so excited about testing out their devices, such as the hovercrafts in the Division C event, or the battery buggies in the Division B event. I love that students get into designing and developing an original device, and they take so much pride in it!” said Allen.

Winners of this regional competition will continue to the state level where they will compete in hopes of continuing on to nationals.

Volunteers are needed! For more information visit https://blogs.millersville.edu/musciolym/ or email Dr. Kathryn Allen at Kathryn.allen@millersville.edu.



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