Monday, July 15th, 2024
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MU Alert: Sign Up, Stay Informed

Winter weather is coming. Are you signed up for MU Alert?

An emergency can arise anywhere, at any time. Each situation is unique and may require a different response. MU Alert was created to keep students, faculty and staff safe and informed in the event of an emergency on or near campus, and to communicate school closings and delays.

MU Alert is a proprietary system Millersville University (MU) has with a company called E2Campus and uses their Omni Alert technology to push out emergency text messages and email messages to campus constituents who sign up to receive these emergency messages.

“There are many available companies we could use and we find E2Campus to be excellent to work with and they have an excellent product.  We now have close to 7,000 subscribers and users of MU Alert, which is close to 70 percent of our campus population (students, faculty, staff and others who can sign up).  Most colleges would be thrilled to have 40 percent participation,” says Pat Weidinger, director of Safety & Environmental Health.

MU Alert allows University officials to communicate short emergency messages to a broad audience quickly through mass emails and text messages. Mass emergency communication has been effective on campus in the past with keeping students away from potential danger, such as gas leaks and fires. It also enhances safety for commuters and employees when the University sends weather related alerts for closings and delays.

“It is the primary emergency communication tool that I will utilize for any serious threat to campus that my officers are responding to. It is free for not only our students, but for other members of the community,” says Millersville University Police Chief Pete Anders.

If you haven’t signed up for MU Alert yet, you can do so by visiting,

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