New employees 11.17The employees pictured attended New Employee Orientation II on November 15.  Please join the Human Resources Department in welcoming our newest team members to Millersville University!

Front Row (L to R)Angela Anspach, University Police; Gale Martin, Marketing; Judy Ruder, D&CS; Rick Vargas Rico, D&CS; Gabriela Hagiu, Education Foundations; Becky Jachimowicz, Field Services; Kay Walker, D&CS; Christopher Baker, D&CS.

Back Row (L to R)Francis Ozuna, Financial Aid; Neill Good, Budget; Caili Guilday, Athletics; Judonn Mitchell, D&CS; Cynthia Salome, D&CS; James Millouse, D&CS; Stuart Pradia, Athletics; Jakia Thompson Thomas, D&CS; Steven McDowell, D&CS.


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