Saturday, April 20th, 2024
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Airborne Research Experience

Ville’s meteorology professors are leading a partnership with three other universities.

The University of Wyoming King Air arrived in Lancaster for a two-week, National Science Foundation (NSF) supported, airborne research experience in atmospheric science for students.

From November 3-18, the ‘Ville’s meteorology professors Drs. Rich Clark, Todd Sikora and Brian Billings are leading a partnership with three other universities (Penn State, Rutgers, and University of Maryland-Baltimore County) for an educational experience using the aircraft.

Clark says 100-150 students will be immersed in the study of the atmosphere from an airborne platform. “Students will use this valuable airborne observing system to study the fine structure of fronts, atmospheric mountain waves, cold air damming events, and more across the mid-Atlantic region, Appalachian Mountains, piedmont and the coastal plain,” says Clark.

ground operations
Rainbow over MU’s trailer, which is used as an operations center.

In addition to the King Air aircraft operations there are ground-based measurements at each of the partner institutions. “Millersville University operates a ground-based instrument platform at the Frey Landfill, where among other things, we launch balloons carrying payloads that profile atmospheric conditions,” says Clark.

Students are posting their experiences on a Facebook page as well as on the University’s other social media accounts.


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