Dress for success1
The Women of Alpha Sigma Tau tabling for the drive in front of the bookstore.

Dr. Lisa Schreiber’s passion for teaching was only rivaled by her passion for improving the lives of women in poverty. When she passed away in July, her family, the students whose lives she touched and the faculty of Millersville University (MU) were heartbroken. They recently joined efforts and held a clothing drive in her honor on what would’ve been her 50th birthday (Sept. 19).

Dress for success2
Eileen Borkowski and Pamela Jones at the Dress for Success headquarters in Harrisburg.

“The efforts were led by Eileen Borkowski, a senior in communication and theatre and former advisee of Dr. Schreiber, with leadership and volunteer efforts by the women of Alpha Sigma Tau, Her Campus Millersville, The Snapper, and Dylan Roeder, a first-year student at MU and the son of Dr. Schreiber,” explained Dr. Theresa Rusell-Loretz, chair of the Department of Communication & Theatre.  The clothing drive for “Dress for Success” took place on Sept. 19, and Sept. 20 on campus.

Schreiber’s oldest son, Dylan, who started at Millersville this fall, says that “Dress for Success” was an organization that his mother was passionate about because she felt it was important to reach out to organizations that worked to improve the lives of women in poverty.

Dress for success3
Eileen Borkowski and Dylan Roeder tabling for the clothing drive.

Three of Dr. Schreiber’s former advisees, all seniors set to graduate in December, played significant roles in the clothing drive.  Borkowski, Jimmy Jones and Michael Brockett all helped to promote the event and/or collected clothing. Students Haley Poust, Chelsea Nolan and Jordan Ettien, also provided significant time and energy to promote the event. Russell-Loretz assisted in the delivery of the clothing.

Dress for Success is part of “Suits to Careers, Inc.,” a 501 c (3) nonprofit organization that provides services and clothing for women and men who want to move into professional careers.

Schreiber was an associate professor in communication & theatre at MU since 2007.


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