Monday, March 4th, 2024

Putting Faces on the Issues Surrounding Immigration

Events that put faces on the issues and not the politics.

PrintA country that was founded by the people, for the people, is now discussing changing its immigration policies. The subject of immigration and refugees have been a hot political topic recently. Over the next two months, the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (AH&SS) will be hosting a series of events that aims to put faces on the issues and not the politics.

One of the projects, Invisible Americans, features stories from people who have made Lancaster their community, and who one day hope to solidify their place in this country. Millersville University (MU) alumna, Audrey Lopez is currently working on this project and has found that engaging students through a social justice project that sheds light on the human side of such a politicized issue is perhaps the best way she has found to remain involved with MU long after graduation.

“I think it is vital for alumni to be part of projects such as this one so that they can see and experience the positive impact their contribution can have on students,” says Lopez.

Immigration is no longer just a national issue, but one that has touched so many lives one way or another. Stories are a way to put a face on an issue that many people have opinions about, but very few actually understand. Listening, reading, and meeting people who have come far from home to make America their new home is invaluable, and truly the first step into understanding America’s immigrant past, present, and future.

“As an alumna myself it was always one of my greatest hopes to take an issue I care deeply for and see it represented at Millersville,” says Lopez.

The “How We Got Here” events will run through April 28th.

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