Tuesday, July 16th, 2024
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Congress Comes to Campus

Join us Feb. 22 from 4-6 for a Pasta, Politics and Policy event.

Two former members of the United States Congress will come to Millersville University (MU) on Feb. 22 – 24 as part of the Congress to Campus program.

Each year, the program sends a bipartisan pair of former members of Congress, one Democrat and one Republican, to universities across the country. Republican Don Manzullo, a former member from Illinois, and Democrat Loretta Sanchez of California are coming to Millersville this year.

Manzullo and Sanchez are expected to arrive the evening of Wednesday, Feb. 22, in time for a Pasta, Politics and Policy event taking place at approximately 4-6 p.m. That event will function largely as a question and answer session, with the former members providing remarks about the functioning of the federal government during their time in Congress. The event, held in Gordinier Hall, is open to the public and no tickets or registration are required.

Manzullo and Sanchez will spend all of Thursday, Feb. 23 and the morning of Friday, Feb. 24 on Millersville’s campus. The former politicians will spend the majority of their time visiting classrooms to speak about their areas of expertise, tenures in Congress and public policy. They will be open to questions from students and faculty regarding policy and politics.

The Congress to Campus program comes to MU once a year through the University’s Walker Center for Civic Responsibility and Leadership and in partnership with the Stennis Center for Public Service Leadership and U.S. Association of Former Members of Congress. This program is designed to foster understanding and interest among college students about Congress and the American government.

More information on the overall program is available at https://www.stennis.gov/congress-to-campus/.

More information on Civic and Community Engagement at Millersville is available at: http://www.millersville.edu/ccerp/.


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