Saturday, June 22nd, 2024

Historical Names Returned to New Village Residence Halls

Burrowes to Landes are back!

Aerial View of New Residence Halls

This summer, Millersville University completed their ambitious $150 million residence hall construction project, just in time for students to move in for the Fall 2016 semester. The new residence halls were given the simple, directional names of South, East and West Village to coincide with the North Campus Residence Halls.

This fall, the Council of Trustee’s for Millersville University recommended that the historical names be incorporated into the new facilities and in October, the names were mounted on the buildings of the living-learning communities—just in time for homecoming.

Within South Village, Building A was renamed Hobbs for L.M. Hobbs, Building B was renamed Lenhardt for Esther Lenhardt, Building C was renamed Harbold for Peter M. Harbold, Building D was renamed Burrowes for Thomas Henry Burrowes and the Great Room was renamed Gaige for Frederick Hughes Gaige.

In East Village, Building A was renamed Diehm for G. Graybill Diehm and Building B was renamed Hull for George W. Hull. The Building C Pods and Courtyard East have yet to be renamed.

In West Village, Building A was renamed Gilbert for Sarah Hughes Gilbert and Building B was renamed Landes for Amanda Landes. The Building C Pods and Courtyard West have yet to be renamed as well.

To learn more about the history of the buildings on campus go to:


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