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Disability Film Series Underway

“Thank You For Your Service” and a faculty exhibit.

thank-you-for-your-serviceMillersville University’s annual Disability Film Festival is taking place this fall. On Nov. 9 at 9:30 p.m., the film, “Thank You for Your Service” will be shown in Myers Auditorium. Targeting the mental health crisis faced in the U.S. military, this 101-minute film deconstructs the public’s misunderstanding of war trauma and the resulting policies that fail struggling veterans. A conversation and talk-back will follow the film screening.

Millersville University’s annual Disability Film Festival is one manifestation of its multifaceted Disability Arts programming. The University provides performances, exhibitions, master classes and workshops to introduce the community to the work of disabled artists and works about disabilities.

For more information about the Disability Film Festival, contact Dr. Thomas Neuville at tneuville@millersville.edu.

Victor Capecce
Dr. Victor Capecce


“Backstage Glimpses” by ‘Ville Prof

Dr. Victor Capecce, Millersville University associate professor of theatre, is exhibiting at the HACC- Lancaster Art Space in a show titled, “Backstage Glimpses.” The exhibit, now through December 6, features a collection of illustrations and sketches of stage and costume designs.

Capecce’s illustrations and sketches depict various elements of theatrical productions, including three-dimensional models of stage designs.

“It is fascinating to see the various forms the documentation takes. Most people, including working professionals are unaware of what designing actually entails: interpreting a script, analyzing a performance space, negotiating a budget, negotiating egos … all combine with drafting, drawing and research skills to create a design,” says Capecce. “Then the work actually begins as the scenery and costumes are combined with actors into a performance.”

Though the exhibit only shows a “small representation of the kinds of communication tools designers use,” it shows a variant degree of work Capecce has done over his extensive career.

Some of his previous work includes painting films like “Ghostbusters” in between working at NBC’s Saturday Night Live to designing costumes for the New York City Opera. Some of Capecce’s design credits go to “Lock Up Your Daughters” and “Miss Liberty” for Goodspeed Opera House in Connecticut, “Tributaries” for Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre in NYC and “Nukata” at the Parco-Seibu in Tokyo, Japan.

Later, Capecce was the designer and technical director for the Theatre Harrisburg at the Whitaker Center and was the producing director for the American Music Theatre.

The Art Space is located at the HACC- Lancaster campus east building, 1641 Old Philadelphia Pike, Lancaster, PA 17602.

The exhibit is open Monday-Thursday, 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. and Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.




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