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Global Education: More Than Just Study Abroad

Patreice Campbell
Patriece Campbell

Historically, the Global Education office and study abroad program have been synonymous, but now with Millersville University’s (MU) new Bold Path initiative and the hiring of Patriece Campbell as the director of International Programs, the office is looking to diversify its portfolio.

In the past, the global education office dedicated 80% of their efforts to study abroad promotion and 20% to interacting with the international population. MU has one of the lowest international degree-seeking student populations out of all of the State system schools. The Bold Path Plan aims to change that.

Olivia Cordero2
Olivia Cordero

“Millersville is in an amazing location. We can offer small town services, but access to those big cities,” says assistant director of Global Education Olivia Cordero.

The mission of the Bold Path Plan is to provide diverse, dynamic, meaningful experiences to inspire learners to grow both intellectually and personally and to enable them to contribute positively to local and global communities.  Campbell, a former international student herself is determined to make sure that Global Education follows that mission statement.

“My purpose is to help drive the vehicle for internationalizing Millersville,” says Campbell.

A process is underway in the office to define staff roles more clearly between study abroad and international student scholar services, which is a new piece that is being added to the department.

“Dealing with an international student can be difficult because of accents and cultural differences. Our job is to give the faculty and staff the tools necessary so that it’s a pleasant interaction for both parties,” says Campbell.

Campbell has been meeting with different groups on campus to figure out how they can get students to go abroad that would have never thought about leaving Pennsylvania. The goal is to increase internationalization on campus to 200 students. On average, about 50 to 60 MU students go abroad each year.

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