Sunday, February 25th, 2024

MU Explores Bike Safety

President Anderson participates in bike safety course.

Do you know how to ride a bicycle in a group, staying in a steady line? How do you pass another bicyclist? How long do you stop at a stop sign?

These are a few of the things being tested in the League of American Bicyclists road test that was conducted on July 15, with Millersville University’s President, Dr. John Anderson leading the pack. The Smart Cycling Road Test was instructed by Tom Barron, ’81, of the League of American Bicyclists.

“It’s kind of like Road Safety 101,” explained Barron. “The idea is to go over the different aspects of safe bicycling on the road.”

Anderson, along with Dr. Daniel Keefer, professor and chair of the Department of Wellness and Sport Sciences, and Michele Bote of the Experiential Learning and Career Management Center, took the course, which covered a five-mile route around the Millersville campus and surrounding areas. All three are avid bicyclists.

As Barron explained, the course was meant to duplicate a typical Millersville area route through gently rolling countryside and relatively flat areas in town and on campus. The course started off at the Winter Center, the traveled along Lyle, W. Cottage Avenue, N. George Street, Frederick Street, Shenks Lane, Crossland Pass, S. Duke Street, Frederick Street, N. Prince Street, W. Charlotte Street, Herr Avenue, Landis Avenue, Wabank Road, Barbara Street, E. Cottage Avenue, W. Cottage Avenue and back to Lyle.

“It was a good course,” commented Bote, adding that she didn’t mind the muggy temperatures in the high 80s. “It’s important to have water though.”

The Road Safety 101 course is intended to test bicyclists on riding technique, posture, shifting gears, group riding, passing parked cars, railroad track crossing, quick stops, obeying traffic signals, exiting driveways, hand signals, lane changing and more. Advanced participants can go on to become League Certified Instructors.

“These are all very important for even seasoned bicyclists to know,” said Dr. Anderson.

Millersville University will be hosting the third annual American Dream Scholarship Ride on Saturday, September 17, at 7:30 a.m. starting at the Winter Center, with Dr. Anderson participating. The American Dream ride funds scholarships at Millersville University and promotes the benefits of bicycling.

Millersville University is in the process of being designated as a Bike Friendly University by the League of American Bicyclists.




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