Tuesday, May 30th, 2023

‘Ville Goal: Get a Job

92.5 percent of recent graduates have reached their goal of being employed.

graduation genericFor most graduating Millersville University students, their primary goal at commencement is to get out into the working world as full-time employees. There is good news coming from Millersville alumni— in just six to 10 months out of school, 92.5 percent of recent graduates have reached their goal of being employed. This percentage is based on a survey of 2015 graduates.

Millersville’s numbers are higher than the national average compiled by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). NACE recently released figures for 373,000 members of the Class of 2015. The national figure is 82.1% being employed or advancing education.

“This is an indicator that Millersville graduates are competitive in the labor market for positions that match the skills and experience they acquired in their chosen field of study,” says Melissa Wardwell, director of Experiential Learning and Career Management.

As with any product— and that includes education— customer satisfaction is key. Millersville University graduates consistently give their alma mater high marks for satisfaction, with 89.3 percent rating Millersville “good” or “excellent” overall and 91.6 percent giving Millersville top grades in satisfaction in the quality of education in their program of study.

Dr. Lisa Shibley, assistant vice president, institutional assessment and planning, reports that this means that Millersville University is preparing students in accordance with the University’s mission to enable graduates ‘to contribute positively to local and global communities’ and the vision, to ‘transform each learner’s unique potential into the capacity for successful engagement in career and life opportunities.’

Recent Millersville University graduates are earning an average gross annual income of $37,483, which is significantly higher than the average income of young people aged 20-24 in the U.S. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average income for a 20-24 year old woman is $25,116, while men aged 20-24 earn an average of $27,040.

While there was a national dip in education students finding jobs, that trend is now reversing.  MU 2014-15 education graduates report strong employment outcomes. For example, more than 95% of Millersville’s 2014-15 Early, Middle and Exceptional Education graduates secured employment within 6-9 months after graduation and reported an average anticipated F/T annual income of over $40,500.

In addition, graduate school levels are on the rise and Dr. Victor DeSantis, dean of the College of Graduate Studies and Adult Learning says, “More college graduates are getting advanced degrees to differentiate themselves in the accelerating job market. Although fewer employers are providing educational benefits, job seekers and incumbent employees are looking for advantages in seeking jobs and promotions and view advanced degrees as a good investment.”

The top three industry areas where Millersville’s 2014-15 graduates are employed are Educational Services, Professional-Scientific-Technical Services, Health Care and Social Assistance, which corresponds with the industry areas with the highest employment in the Commonwealth.

The overwhelming majority of Millersville University alumni are employed in Pennsylvania at nearly 80 percent. Nearby states, such as Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and Virginia are represented by nine percent of employed alumni, while another 12 percent have gone on to other states and to international locations.

A PDF with additional survey results is available here.






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