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College Democrats Invited

Olivia Stoner Shared Stage with Bernie Sanders

olivia3Bernie Sanders, a candidate for the Democratic nomination for President of the U.S., held a rally on Millersville University’s campus on Friday, April 22. Sanders was invited by the “College Democrats” of Millersville University.

“I had previously reached out to Senator Sanders’ campaign through social media and their webpage. I was lucky enough to be put in touch with someone on his campaign team. Through a lot of emails and phone calls we were finally able to make this happen,” explained Olivia Stoner, president of College Democrats at MU.

“I understand that Senator Sanders is extremely busy, so I had some doubts that he would come, but I remained optimistic. His policies about universal college education are especially popular among college students, so I was hoping that our University would attract his campaign,” said Stoner.

Dr. Adam Lawrence is the faculty advisor for College Democrats.  He is thrilled about Stoner’s perseverance.  “Isn’t this a great lesson; for a young lady to learn the value of taking initiative and acting on your own and getting something done without relying on others.  It’s a great lesson in student leadership.”

What does Stoner hope her fellow students take away from the event? “I hope they feel more involved in the political process and understand that it is so easy for anyone to become involved,” said Stone. “I want them to understand that this aspect of government is so important to us, even as college students. More importantly, I hope this motivates everyone to go vote in the Pennsylvania primaries on April 26, regardless of party affiliation.



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From what I have found, it is strictly on a first-come, first-served basis, and there are no tickets. RSVP’ing unfortunately does not reserve a seat, though I have heard that people who offer to volunteer at the event may be guaranteed a seat.

To think that Bernie would be coming right here to Millersville! This is fantastic news, and certainly a historic event. To echo Kiara’s sentiments, thank you to Olivia and the College Democrats for helping to make this a reality!

Bernie’s website says the rally begins at 4:30 but this says the rally is set for 7:30. What time will Bernie be speaking?

I am THRILLED to have such a great political figure with such influence in our democracy making it a point to stop in Millersville, PA. It will be great experience for me and friends who find politics and the well-being of this nation important. Also, what a way to celebrate graduating in about 16 days!!!

Thank you College Democrats of MU for making this possible and persevering!

Do you need tickets to get in. There are three people that would like to come. Please let me know. Thank You

I am pleased Senator Sanders has chosen Millersville University as a campaign stop. But very disappointed at his insensitivity choosing the first night of Passover to do so – especially considering his own Jewish heritage.

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