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Faculty & Staff Activities

March 3, 2016 Activities

From catching poachers to toeing the line, MU faculty are busy.

Toeing the Line

Line Bruntse, art & design, will have an exhibit at the Teachers College, Columbia University in New York. The exhibit will be up March 7 – 31 and is called “Toeing The Line.” Bruntse’s Danish heritage inspires a humerous commentary where women’s hand-work meets architecture. The exhibit is presented in conjunction with the “Why Talk About Gender? Symposium,” March 24-25, 2016. Visit for more information.

To Catch a Poacher

Dr. Aaron Haines, biology, recently received the “Publication and Creativity Award” for his work on the article, “To Catch a Poacher.”   The award was given by the Oklahoma Chapter of the Wildlife Society. The thrust of the article was that “mapping technology may be able to turn historic poaching data into predictions about future poaching, allowing wildlife law enforcement to use their time and resources more effectively. More poachers can be caught, but more importantly, their crimes could be prevented.” Haines is a Certified Wildlife Biologist ® and assistant professor of conservation biology at Millersville.  The article was written with Dr. Stephen Webb, the Biostatistics Specialist for The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation.




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