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Who Makes Millersville Special

Dr. Bill Dorman

His Motto: Hard work is worth the effort.

Dr. Bill Dorman

This issue of Who Makes Millersville Special features Dr. Bill Dorman, professor in communication and theatre.

Q. Where are you originally from?
I was born and grew up in Rutherford, N. J., for 22 years.  It is eight miles west of New York City—the first town out of the Lincoln Tunnel with trees.

Q. What inspired you to study communications?
I am the youngest of five kids—I was an extrovert from day one, always active in theatre.  I’m a sports fan so my early experiences were all with sports announcing or acting in plays.

Q. Where did you study?
I went to Susquehanna University, double majoring in theatre and communications.  I got my master’s in communication from Bloomsburg State College and I got my Ph. D. in speech communication from the Pennsylvania State University.

Q. What is your past experience as a professor?
I taught as an adjunct at Bloomsburg and as a graduate assistant at Penn State.  I came to Millersville as an instructor in 1985 and I’ve been here since then.

Q. What is your favorite part about being a professor?
Fostering student achievement.  Sharing in the successes of my students, both while they’re on campus and after they graduate.  I have hundreds of Facebook friends-alums who keep in touch.  They continue to be energizing.

Q. Do you have a favorite course to teach?
No, they’re like children, each of them is unique and each one has its challenges. Production settings in broadcasting, writing and analyzing in Survey of Media, preparing and presenting in public speaking.  Some are all majors, some are a mix and some are all non-majors.  That variety is spectacular and keeps me excited in the classroom.

Q. What hobbies do you have outside of teaching at MU?
I like home projects and woodworking.  I live in a house built in 1880, so there are always things to restore or repair.  I play golf, I like to fish  and my wife, Susan and I love to travel.

Q. Can you tell us about your honor “Advisor of the Year” from the National Broadcasting Society?
The NBS chapter at MU has a strong tradition of activity.  I have been blessed with fabulous student leaders who have made my job easy.  Student leadership is the key.   When an organization like ours can offer students in broadcasting all sorts of opportunities to network with professionals, produce original programming and find like-minded peers, it’s a formula for success.  I am so fortunate and honored to have been recognized for that award.

Q. What is something your fellow faculty members would be surprised to learn about you?
I’ve been going steady with my wife since Feb. 29, 1972.

Q. What was the last book you read?
I am currently reading “Grey Mountain” by John Grisham.  I am always reading something current, and I prefer political thrillers and mysteries.

Q. Do you have a favorite quote?
“The best gift you can give your children is a healthy marriage.”  Being married to my best friend has helped me keep my priorities straight.

Q. Where do you like to travel?
ANYWHERE, EVERYWHERE.  My wife and I were in Barcelona and the south of France for a few weeks this past summer. We have plans to visit Hawaii, take a cross country trip and return to Italy.  We cherish the thrills of new places.

Q. What is something you want your students to take away from your classes?
That hard work is worth the effort.  Learning is change, change isn’t always easy, but the value of the growth is the payback.  The speed and magnitude of change will make everyone a “life-long learner.”  Enjoy the process—it will be your life.

Editor’s Note: Dr. Dorman will retire from Millersville University on May 12, 2016.  Please join the Exchange staff in wishing him the absolute best.  

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Dr. Dorman- You were one of my favorite professors on campus and loved your classes! You’ve done so much for so many! Happy retirement!

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