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New Student Senate President

Christian Copeland is already preparing for 2015-16.

Christian Copeland

A president’s work never ends – even for the president of Student Senate.

Christian Copeland is the new president of the Millersville University Student Senate for the 2015-16 school year and he is already hard at work preparing plans for the organization in the fall.

According to Copeland, this year’s Student Senate will work hard to understand the needs of Millersville students. “I have a few goals I would like to expound on concerning this upcoming year. They are professionalism, communication and effectiveness,” said Copeland.  “I believe that this year will be very productive and I know that my cabinet has the same optimism as me. These values can either become our weaknesses or strengths; we ultimately determine the outcome. We have to come together and communicate, do it in a professional manner and remain effective by all means. I am elated to work with intelligent, self-driven and articulate individuals who have a purpose in Student Senate.”

Copeland adds that Student Senate will focus on having a strong relationship with students and faculty, creating an atmosphere that is welcoming to every individual and following the organization’s constitution to make important decisions regarding University life.

Copeland is currently studying communications with a concentration in communication studies as a member of the class of 2016. This will be his fourth semester as a member of Student Senate.

During the semester, Student Senate meets Thursday nights at 6:30 p.m. in SMC 118E. For more information, visit the Student Senate Page.

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