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Faculty & Staff Activities

April 30, 2015 Activities

Social studies meets C3.

C3 and Social Studies

Dr. Joseph Labant, early, middle and exceptional education and Dr. Sarah Brooks, educational foundations, planned the recent Millersville University-Pennsylvania Council for the Social Studies Seminar.  It was held on March 30 in Stayer Hall.

“The seminar provided an opportunity for  pre-service teachers, classroom teachers, school administrators, university professors, and social studies advocates to encounter current trends and issues in social studies education,” explained Labant.

The keynote speakers were Susan Griffin, executive director of the National Council for the Social Studies and Michele Herczog, president of the National Council for the Social Studies.  The topic of their co-presentation was the C3 Framework: Guiding Principles and Instructional Shifts.  The C3s are becoming the guiding force in designing future social studies instruction.

Focusing on inquiry, the 3Cs are designed to guide classroom instruction, stimulate curiosity, incorporate investigation strategies, include rigorous content, and apply knowledge learned in school to real world situations.  The 3C Framework was designed for use in both states that have adopted Common Core Standards and those who have chosen to opt out.  In addition to the 3Cs, sessions were held on integrating literacy, religious tolerance, appreciation of diversity, stimulating interest in social studies instruction, and making social studies relevant.  This is the third year for the event and the first year to have sessions for both the secondary/middle level and early childhood.  There were over 80 participants.

Faculty/Staff Activities

Dr. Mark Atwater, applied engineering, safety & technology, was the lead author of a paper entitled, “Solid-State Foaming by Oxide Reduction and Expansion: Tailoring the Foamed Metal Microstructure in the Cu–CuO System with Oxide Content and Annealing Conditions.” The article was recently published in the journal, “Advanced Engineering Materials.”  This article details the effects of processing on the resulting structure of metal foams, and it is a follow-up study to the initial discovery of this process. The work was completed in collaboration with Army researchers.

Dr. M. P. A. Sheaffer, English, sang as an alto ringer in the annual spring concert of the Richmond Hill Sacred Music Chorale in Queens, N.Y., on April 19.  The group performed Johannes Brahms’ great German Requiem.

Dr. Mark Snyder, applied engineering, safety & technology, recently co-presented at the Technical Association of the Graphic Arts (TAGA) Conference in Albuquerque, N.M. with a colleague from Central Connecticut State University. Their peer-reviewed presentation was titled Colorimetric Analysis of Screening Technologies in Digital Printing. Their applied research project investigated potential differences between amplitude modulated and frequency modulated screening of multicolor (CMYK) digital printing samples.


Congratulations to:

Jane N. Case, sociology/anthropology, who married Deric P. Lilly on February 14, 2015 at Millersville University in Biemesderfer Center.


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