The making of 3D sunglasses

For the first time in the school’s history, students from Millersville University are using the latest technical innovation—3D printing—to complete a course project. Students enrolled in Technical Entrepreneurship, formerly known as Industrial Organization, an Applied Engineering, Safety & Technology course, are manufacturing and selling polarized sunglasses with a 3D printer.

The project serves as a way for students to learn how to develop a company and accept management roles within the company. “Each student applied for management roles based on existing personal skills,” said Colleen Moore, junior, head of corporate communications within the class. “The students manage their peers as well as take direction from those above them.”

A company name, NexTrack Printing, was chosen by the class as well as a name for the product. The LuxArmour sunglasses, designed by senior Alex Murr, will be selling for about $20 each. The sunglasses will come with a drawstring pouch and will be sold closer to the end of the spring semester.

All money made from this project will be used similarly to normal business practices. “Students manufacturing the sunglasses will be paid a small wage and the expenses to produce the product will be paid off,” said Moore.

Technical Entrepreneurship, taught by Dr. Barry David, professor of Applied Engineering, Safety & Technology, is a course that helps students study and apply technical, managerial and entrepreneurial concepts to the development and operation of a student-centered venture.  Students organize and operate a model enterprise to develop, manufacture and market a consumer product.

Student models new 3D glasses

Students will be showcasing the sunglasses and the 3D printer used at the Made in Millersville: A Celebration of Student Scholarship and Creativity Conference on April 23 in the McNairy Library.

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