Thursday, February 22nd, 2024

Time for New Phone Numbers

Say goodbye to 872 phone numbers.

As you probably have heard, Millersville University is in the process of changing campus phone numbers starting with 872-3XXX and 871-2XXX to ‘871’ numbers by the end of the spring semester as part of the new NEC Cloud VoIP initiative.

 Phone numbers are currently being changed throughout different departments. As the numbers are changing, Human Resources and Information Technology (IT) have been working together to update people finder so that all phone numbers are accurate.

“Throughout the campus, the telephones will work on their own network including separate network switches so that the telephone and data traffic will not compete with each other for bandwidth. VoIP is the current telephone technology.  This new solution will provide the campus with a stable reliable telephone system,” said assistant vice president of Information Technologies, Veronica Longenecker.

Because the new VoIP system works through network switches, this solution will prevent any calls from being made to or from a campus phone during a power outage. However, there will be an emergency line at the SMC Information Desk in the event of a power outage, so that they will be able to keep contact with Millersville University Police Department.

The new VoIP phones will require users to dial ‘8’ to get an outside line and to set up their new voicemails. Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to participate in the VoIP training sessions to learn how to use the VoIP phones and to set up new voicemails.

For more information about the VoIP phones or to find out how to set up new voicemails please contact the IT Help Desk at 871-7777 or visit the Telephone Self-Help page.


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