“Think Big. Go far…” is the message for Millersville University’s new comprehensive marketing campaign that was launched in October.

 Millersville has taken a fresh perspective with its marketing for the 2014-2015 school year. Decked out in black and gold colors, the new campaign has been running for less than a month and is already showing big results.

“Our digital display ads are resonating and page clicks and views have gone up significantly in the past 30 days,” said Adam Owenz, director of University marketing.

The digital marketing strategy includes online advertisements across a variety of websites that are popular with Millersville’s prospective student population, and promotion on social media outlets, search engine marketing and Internet Protocol (IP) targeting, which is a method that delivers digital ads to specific households of prospective students.

To support the online campaign, a mobile-friendly landing page was also designed. The hope is in the near future to redesign the entire Millersville website to be responsive to the visitor’s mobile device, as research confirms that a large percentage of high school students use mobile devices for all of their web browsing.

In addition to a large online presence, the University will target the local area using a mix of advertising outlets. Advertisements are running in local malls such as Park City and the Tanger Outlets, billboards on Rt. 83 in York and Rt. 30 in Lancaster, placements in community college newspapers and programs at college fairs.

Other targeted areas to recruit students include York, Dauphin, Lebanon, Berks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Bucks counties, plus all of New Jersey, northern Maryland and Nassau and Westchester counties in New York.

“The goal of this plan is to stay at the top of prospects’ and parents’ minds with messaging that resonates with them and to update to our initiatives to have a fresh, new institutional direction to grow enrollment via Our Bold Path,” said Owenz.

Our Bold Path, Millersville University’s new strategic plan, has a goal to increase student enrollment at the University to 10,000 by fall 2020 and increase out-of-state enrollment by 400 additional students.

“The ‘Think Big. Go Far.’ campaign was created to directly address the promise that big things are happening at Millersville, and enrolling here will provide students with a passport to a better life,” said Owenz.  “This campaign represents our first step in the evolution of our brand—one that is focused directly on addressing the needs of our students and realizing the goals set out in Our Bold Path.”




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