Dr. Charles Amone

Millersville University hosted a Fulbright scholar from Uganda. Dr. Charles Amone, a senior lecturer of history at Gulu University in Northern Uganda, has spent his nine-month program as a Core Fulbright Visiting Scholar at Millersville University

Amone, who will be returning to Uganda mid-October, has been furthering his research on the history of ethnic discrimination in Uganda from 1962 through the present. His research benefited greatly from the fast, reliable Internet, the inter-library loaning system and the general academic atmosphere at Millersville.

The Visiting Scholar program allows faculty and professionals around the world to conduct research and lecture at universities in the U.S.

“The Department of History is fortunate to have Dr. Amone select Millersville University during his Fulbright Scholarship year,” said Dr. Ronald Frankum, chair of history department. “It is an honor to have him here and testament to the international prestige our University has already attained through its scholarly presence throughout the world.”

In addition to conducting research, Amone presented one of his papers to a graduate class of Millersville. The presentation was interactive and allowed the students to learn about discrimination in Uganda, based on ethnicity. Many students also sought out Amone’s advice on topics such as how to conduct research, proper interview techniques and on how to further their education after Millersville.

Amone’s experiences with the faculty and students at Millersville have given him insight on how to improve the student experience at Gulu. He hopes to emulate the way students and faculty interact on an everyday basis. He noted that the faculty and students at Millersville “talk freely” and that “makes learning easy.” Amone would also like to see his idea of having a student exchange program come to life to enhance the education of the students both universities. He believes this would help break down stereotypes about Uganda such as it is an undeveloped country without even banks.

During his time at Millersville, Amone has made many friends. Quoting Thomas Aquinas, he says, “There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.” He plans to continue his connection with Millersville by long-term, collaborative research with members of Millersville’s history faculty in the areas of ethnicity and racism. He believes these two issues are at the root of divisions in both the U.S. and his native land of Uganda.


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