Danielle Kreider.

Making the transition from journalistic to novel writing, Danielle Kreider, a junior English major, is scheduled to begin a 10-city national book tour with HarperCollins on June 10, 2013, beginning in Seattle. Kreider’s novel, The Elephant in the Room: A True Account of One Family’s Inner Turmoil, is a reflection about Kreider’s life growing up and overcoming personal obstacles in her adolescent years.

Without giving too much away, Kreider explains, “It’s about the hardships of growing up in a family where things are not perfect and not the way they should be within a family,” she explained. “I wanted other people, especially kids and teenagers, of dysfunctional families to know that they are not alone in this world. Hopefully they can find some sort of solace and inner peace by reading this book.”

Kreider began writing the novel at age 19, and it took two years to complete. After taking an English course at Harrisburg Area Community College, she shared the novel with her professor. “My professor came up to me and commented on how inspiring and heart-wrenching the book was. I hadn’t shared it with anyone else at that point. She asked me if she could send it to her friend in publishing, but I didn’t think anything of it at that point,” explained Kreider.

As someone who has her name published in The Snapper each week as news editor, Kreider’s toughest challenge will be having others read her story. “This story is very personal, but I believe others out there can take something of value from what I’ve written,” Kreider added.

She shared a few lines of the book: “At the ripe age of 16 I should have been enjoying my adolescence and remembering those last years of my childhood instead of trying to forget them. But life isn’t always the way people say it will be. Reality for me was like a monster I could never shake off. It loomed over me for as far back as I could remember, and it continues to linger to this very day.”

The book is currently undergoing editing, while Kreider and her brother work on cover art. Once that is completed, she will finalize her dedication and await the final product.

Upon graduation next fall, she will continue to work on more novels. “I’ve already finished my second one and am currently working on the third!” said Kreider. She also hopes to obtain a job as a journalist.

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  1. Dr. Susan Northwall

    Congratulations to Danielle. She is an extremely bright, caring, person. Knowing of her dedication to journalism with the Snapper, it does not surprise me that she has the talent to write novels too. We don’t get to choose the families we are born into, but we can still strive to live our own best lives. I look forward to reading her book!

  2. Way to go, Danielle!

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