Millersville University has received the “2012 INSIGHT Into Diversity” Higher Education Excellence in Diversity (HEED) Award. The HEED award is given annually to colleges that showcase an outstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion in their faculty, staff, suppliers and students.

“The mission of the Office of Social Equity & Diversity is to assist the University in providing a supportive community environment that promotes inclusiveness, practices civility and values equality while encouraging full participation of all its members,” explained Hiram Martinez, assistant to the president for Social Equity & Diversity.  “The HEED award acknowledges our efforts in fostering a campus climate that is free of harassment and discrimination.”

In selecting a winner, Potomac Publishing, Inc., publisher of “INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine,” evaluates applications from colleges and universities throughout the United States in order to measure their level of success in regards to diversity efforts and programs. They use these results to discover where schools may need improvement and highlight where they currently excel.

Millersville’s efforts are recognized in the December issue of “INSIGHT Into Diversity” magazine. The cover story includes a feature article about the awards and lists the 48 recipients. Each winner receives an award certificate.

“INSIGHT Into Diversity” has provided compelling and timely content related to all issues of diversity and inclusion for more than 35 years. They partner with many professional organizations who support minorities and underrepresented groups. “INSIGHT Into Diversity” does not target only one specific group but they are committed to ensuring the broadest definition of diversity possible.

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  1. “The HEED award acknowledges our efforts in fostering a campus climate that is free of harassment and discrimination

  2. Note that MU was the only Pennsylvania awardee (the list is at Well-deserved recognition of the good works done over many years by the Office, the University leadership, and the MU community.

  3. Anthony Floyd Jr. MS

    Congratulations on the award and the continuation of a long history of excellence in the commitment to diversity established by Patricia Hopson-Shelton and sustained by Hiram Martinez, Cheryl Hodges, Nikki and staff. Outstanding Work, Tranformational Accomplishment!!You are the Best!!

    Anthony Floyd Jr. MS
    Floydcorp Security Solutions, LLC.

  4. Congratulations to Office of Social Equity & Diversity and the University Community

  5. Patricia Hopson-Shelton

    Congratulations to the office of social equity and all those who have contributed to its mission.

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