One Book/One Campus Opportunities

This note was sent to the University community on July 7 by Caleb Corkery, chair of the One Book/One Campus community:

"The Influencing Machine," this year's One Book, One Campus selection.

As you plan for the fall semester, remember the resource of the One Book, One Campus program to enrich our mutual work with students. Below is a list of programming next year around The Influencing Machine by Brooke Gladstone. Notice the comic strip writing contest, which will award two $150 book store certificates.

Gladstone covers a wide span of history to debunk the belief that the media exerts one-way control over the public. Instead of a machine that supposedly influences us, the media is just as likely to reflect the perspectives we already believe, given our ability to select and filter what we see and hear. The book challenges us to question our trust in “objectivity” and exposes many of our most powerful yet least noticed biases.

Remember, The Influencing Machine will be familiar to most if not all freshmen. Be sure to take advantage of their shared knowledge and the programming meant to build upon it.

2012-2013 One Book, One Campus Programming: The Influencing Machine

October 10: Reflect & Connect Series – Ford Atrium, McComsey Hall, 5 – 6:15 p.m.
Discuss passages from The Influencing Machine with students from the seminar “Telling Your Story” to reflect on the role of storytelling in how we process understanding of the world.

October 23:  Panel Discussion: “Understanding Media Today: Sorting the Truthiness” – Reighard Multipurpose Room, Student Memorial Center, 7:30 p.m.
Panel of experts on media from different disciplines discuss their perspectives on coverage of current events leading up to the election, as well as their broader insights into the role of media in our society. Moderator: Diane Umble. Panel: Brooke Gladstone, author of The Influencing Machine and co-host of National Public Radio’s “On the Media;” Martha Rosler, internationally-acclaimed artist and MU’s 2012 Conrad Nelson Fellow; and Jack Bratich, associate professor of journalism and media studies at Rutgers University.

November 1:  Comic Strip Contest submissions due to Chryst Hall, room 108 by 4:30 p.m.
Prompt: Comic strips are revered for their unique ability to combine images and words that often interrogate some aspect of our culture. For this contest, we ask that you develop a comic strip that engages the audience both through its images and words in order to convey a timely observation or pertinent critique of our lives today. Your subject matter can be political, mundane, controversial, newsworthy, local, national, whimsical, philosophical, etc. Mostly we are looking for your use of the comic strip genre to communicate effectively, whether that means simply making us laugh and/or provoking us to think about and see a particular subject in a fresh way.

There are no restrictions on the content or format of your submission, although it may not exceed one 8.5” x 11” page and community standards of good taste. Provide a title on the submission, but no personal identifying information. Include a separate cover sheet with the title of the piece, your name, phone number and email address. The top entries will receive a $150, $100 or $50 Millersville University bookstore gift certificates.

Highmark Fitness Memberships and Discounts

Highmark Blue Shield has partnered with Blue365 and Healthwaysä to provide members with an unlimited fitness membership. This membership is called “Fitness Your Way” and it can be used at nearly 8,000 fitness locations nationwide. Below are some details:

  • With a Fitness Your Way membership, Highmark members can visit any participating fitness location as often as they like.
    • Locations include select 24 Hour Fitness®, Snap Fitness®, Curves®, Bally Total Fitness®, Gold’s Gym, YMCAs and more.
    • The network includes national and regional chain locations and local exercise facilities.
  • Membership costs only $25 per month and a low $25 enrollment fee, with a three-month commitment.
  • Members can enroll by logging on to their Member website and selecting the “Discounts” link. “Healthways Fitness Your Way” can be found under “Healthy Choices.” Members can easily search for the nearest locations.
    • Members may also call 888-242-2060 to enroll.
    • Members must be 18 and older to participate.

Please read the attached “FAQ” document for more details on how the “Fitness Your Way” program works.*

In addition to “Fitness Your Way” memberships, Highmark also offers member discounts on certain products and services not covered by your health plan. Some of the services available through the discount program include nutrition counseling, diet programs, Yoga, Tai Chi, massage and acupuncture. Please see the attached “Member Discounts” document for further details on how to access these services.* If you have questions on Highmark’s member discounts, contact Highmark Member Services at 1-866-727-4935.

*For the FAQ on how the “Fitness Your Way” program works, or for details on how to access “Member Discounts” services, refer to the attachments included in the June 22 email sent to the University community Re: Highmark Fitness Memberships/Discounts.

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