The next time the Blue Rock Fire Rescue responds to an emergency on campus students may end up seeing a familiar face: The Millersville Marauder. Millersville University recently donated $80,000 to the Blue Rock Fire Rescue Company in order to aid them in purchasing an advanced $640,000 fire engine. In addition, Student Services, Inc., gave $50,000 towards the purchase. To show the fire company’s gratitude, the new engine bears the spirit mark of the Millersville University Marauder.

Each year, Millersville University sets aside $10,000 for capital expenditures for fire company use. The $80,000 came from money in that fund. In addition, the University gives the fire company $5,000 each year for operating expenses.

“We are proud to support the efforts of Blue Rock Fire Rescue in spirit, as well as financially when the need arises,” said Roger Bruszewski, vice president of finance and administration. “The relationship between the University and the fire company is beneficial to both organizations, but, most importantly, it helps keep the campus and students safe.”

Chief Keith Eshleman, of the Millersville Branch of the Blue Rock Fire Rescue, believes that Millersville University and the fire company have a strong, lasting collaboration. “I think the University and the fire department are in a great partnership together. It is tremendous that they are able to give to us,” said Eshleman. “The Marauder logo on the side of the truck allows us to show our appreciation for everything they do for us.”

Having already responded to more than 70 emergencies, the new fire truck represents the top of the line in safety and efficiency. The engine possesses a specialized foam system in addition to its standard water cannon. To ensure the safety of the firefighters aboard, the passenger compartment is equipped with multiple airbags, and the truck is aided by a stability control system. “It has all of the safety features that people have enjoyed in automobiles for quite some time; we are only now just getting those in fire departments,” said Eshleman.

The new engine appeared on campus most recently on September 12, while investigating a possible fire in Lenhardt Hall. The fire department responds to an average of 10 incidents on campus a semester.

Over the summer, the independent Millersville Fire Company joined the conglomerate Blue Rock Fire Rescue. This coalition has more equipment and greater ability to react to danger across the community.

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