Friday, December 2nd, 2022
Need to Know

Event Promotion: Help Us Help You

Before you post upcoming events to MU’s online calendar, check out the newly updated Event Request Form.

From concerts and film screenings to theater productions and lectures, Millersville University offers a wide array of events that provide cultural enrichment and entertainment to the campus community and its surrounding public. Millersville’s online events calendar is viewed during an academic year approximately 30,500 times by both internal and external audiences.

Faculty and staff members who are responsible for hosting and/or coordinating an event on campus are strongly encouraged to assist the staff of University Communications and Marketing (UC&M) in promoting your events. This can be done by filling out the newly updated “Event Request Form,” which can be accessed through the online calendar or on UC&M’s homepage.

Whether you have submitted events via the Event Request Form in the past, or you are new to the form, please pay attention to the new requirements that are outlined in the blue boxes featuring question marks. By holding your mouse over the blue box, tip-like information will appear. The tips are meant to act as guidelines for the content to include when describing your event(s).

Preview of the new and helpful tips

It is the goal of the newly updated Event Request Form to accomplish the following:

  • Standardize the online events calendar to make each event entry follow the same format.
  • Standardize the content to ensure all necessary information is included for each event, so that all audiences, even those less familiar with the University (i.e. community members), can learn more about events hosted by Millersville.

UC&M approves all events before they are posted to the online events calendar. Please note: If your event does not include all of the required components, your event will not be approved until the necessary information is received. Events featured on the online events calendar are often sent to media, so make sure to get your events posted well before the event is to be held.

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