The Tutoring Center would like to offer congratulations to the following student tutors who completed the College of Reading and Learning Association -International Level 1 Tutor Certification Program!

Fall 2010 Certified Tutors

Eric Chronister – Geography

Danielle Farnell – Biology & Chemistry

Elizabeth Garrett – Chemistry

Jessica Gibiser – Biology

Leah Graham – Earth Science, Geography, Biology

Courtney Herb – Biology

Bradley Herchelroath – English

Justin Hoffman – Physics

Matthew Lewis – Physics

Tim McLaughlin – Economics

Kimberly Pugh – Biology

Shawn St. Clair – Computer Science, Chemistry, Economics

John Timlin – Physics

Kyle Toth – Chemistry & Computer Science


Spring 2010 Certified Tutors

Carissa Alza – Biology & Chemistry

Spring 2010 Certified Tutors

Renee Austin – Biology

Brandy Baltzall – Anthropology

Stephanie Bushman – Geography

Kylie Caffrey – Communications & Theater

Brandon Cassel – Chemistry

Keely Eisenhauer – Government & Political Affairs

Melissa Horger – Biology

Kaleb Koons – Economics

Hong Lam – Business

Stephen Melnick – Chemistry

Shanirra Parnell-Stewart – Social Work

Kali Short – English

Christopher Stehli – Biology

Jennifer Vu – Business Administration

The Tutoring Center offers tutor training to promote expertise in tutoring services. The Tutoring Center was awarded Levels 1 & 2 International Tutor Training Certification from the College of Reading and Learning Association (CRLA). Millersville University’s Tutoring Center was commended as a “very strong comprehensive program that demonstrates clear evidence of a commitment to CRLA principles of training.” CRLA noted that Millersville’s program operates in a unique manner by “inviting” certified tutors to continue to work toward higher levels of certification. This “invitation only” aspect insures that only those truly interested will continue to earn higher levels of certification. Millersville’s program stresses critical thinking skills and has documented improved results on the part of the students who are tutored by tutors trained in critical thinking skills.

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