A call has been issued for those interested in joining the 2011 class of the Leadership Development Program for Supervisors and Managers. Class members participate in a variety of programs, which enable them to:

  • Discover Their Personal Supervisory Style.
  • Learn & Practice Supervisory Skills.
  • Explore the Role of Supervision and Management at MU.

Program requirements include attending all five full and half-day sessions and at least three Brown Bag Lunch & Learn Programs. Applications are due to Melanie DeSantis in the Office of Human Resources by February 25, 2011. Applications will be reviewed by a selection committee and applicants will be notified of their acceptance into the program by March 10, 2011.

You may also contact members of the 2010 class, listed below:

Back Row (L-R): Hiram Martinez, Dan Yabut, Will Redmond, Pat Benson, Andy Welaish, Jennifer Mariacher, David Errickson, John Sicotte, Lisa Ulrich and Greg Schmalhofer. Front Row (L-R): Janine Ball-Bailey, Nancy Korycinski, Melissa Walter, Ginny Massey, Veronica Longenecker and Matt Kirchoff. Not Pictured: Bill Good, Maintenance Operations.
  • Hiram Martinez, Office of Social Equity & Diversity
  • Will Redmond, Office of the Provost
  • Pat Benson, Dining & Conference Services
  • Andy Welaish, Office of the Dean of Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Jennifer Mariacher, Budget
  • David Errickson, Purchasing
  • John Sicotte, Registrar’s Office
  • Lisa Ulrich, Human Resources
  • Greg Schmalhofer, Information Resources
  • Janine Ball-Bailey, Accounting
  • Nancy Korycinski, Office of the Provost
  • Melissa Walter, Dining & Conference Services
  • Ginny Massey, Office of VP Finance & Administration
  • Veronica Longenecker, Information Resources
  • Matt Kirchoff, Dining & Conference Services
  • Bill Good, Maintenance Operations

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