Here are faculty and staff activities for the 10/07/10 Exchange.

Retirees Honored

Jean Bradel, music (left) and Majorie V. White Greenawalt, library, were honored at Fall Convocation by Dr. Vilas Prabhu, provost and vice president of academic affairs.


Dr. Sandra Deemer, educational foundations, and Melissa Ostrowski, school counselor at Penn Manor High School and adjunct professor of educational foundations at Millersville, recently presented a workshop to the Penn Manor school board. Their workshop focused on the results of a three-year longitudinal study related to the high schools’ graduation project. Deemer and Ostrowski have also presented the findings of this work at the Penn Manor summer and fall student/parent orientation sessions. In addition, Deemer and Ostrowski recently published their article titled “Students’ Perceptions of a Program for Exploring Postsecondary Options” in the peer-reviewed journal, American Secondary Education.

Dr. Abdelhadi Halawa, wellness and sport sciences, published his research paper titled “Effects of Globalization on the Rising Rates of Childhood and Adult Obesity and Overweight in Developing Countries” in the spring 2010 issue of the Journal of Applied Global Research. His paper investigated the role of globalization and liberalization of foodstuff trade in the rising rates of obesity and overweight particularly in developing nations.

Dr. Timothy C. Miller, English, had his review of Miri Rubin’s book, Mother of God: A History of the Virgin Mary, published in Magill’s Literary Annual.

Dr. Behnam Nakhai, business administration, had his refereed article titled “Searching for Pareto-optimal Settlements in Negotiations: The Extreme Payoffs Method,” co-authored with Dr. Joao S. Neves of the College of the New Jersey, accepted for publication in the International Journal of Strategic Decision Sciences.

Dr. Tanya Kevorkian, history, was a Summer Faculty Fellow at the McNeil Center for Early American Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. She worked on articles about Native Americans and colonists in Lancaster County, and on Pietism and music. In March she gave an invited lecture titled “The Church, the Street, the Tower and the Home as Sites of Religious Music-Making in Urban Baroque Germany” at the Sounds of the City 18 conference at the University of Antwerp, Belgium. Also in March, she gave a pre-concert lecture in Philadelphia, “Zelenka’s Dresden Audiences,” for the Tempesta di Mare Baroque ensemble.

Dr. Kevin S. Robinson, mathematics, presented the talk “Happyville and Statistical Thinking” at MathFest 2010 conference in Pittsburgh, Pa., on August 7.

Dr. John Wallace, biology, was awarded a $9,000 grant by the Hunterdon County Vector Management Program in Hunterdon County, N.J., to conduct black fly surveillance in the South Branch of the Raritan River, Hunterdon County. In addition, he was senior author in an article published in the peer-reviewed journal, Applied Environmental Microbiology titled, “Interaction of Mycobacterium Ulcerans with Mosquito Species: Implications for Transmission and Trophic Relationships.” He was also co-author in an article published in the peer-reviewed publication, PLos Neglected Diseases titled, “A Major Role for Mammals in the Ecology of Mycobacterium Ulcerans.” And, Wallace co-authored a poster paper with his Research Experience for Undergraduate student, Nicolas Macias from Sacramento State University at the North American Benthological Society Conference in Santa Fe, N.M, in June titled, “Effects of an Invasive Plant Diet on Native and Non-indigenous Crayfish Growth, Survivorship and Behavior.” And he co-authored an oral paper presented by collaborator Dr. Shannon LeDeau, CARY Institute of Ecosystems Studies, at the Ecological Society of America Conference in Pittsburgh, Pa., in August titled, “Mosquito Communities and Vector-borne Disease Risk in an Urban Landscape.”

Jay D. Weaver, former computer science professor, recently published a collection of his writings including poems, hymns, devotionals, essays and personal stories titled “Footpaths through the Forest” with on their Kindle format.


William Reinert, maintenance operations, and his wife Stacy Reinert, housekeeping, on their 25th wedding anniversary on October 12.

Dr. Ryan Wagner, biology, and his wife Melissa, welcomed a son into their family on August 30.

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