Tuesday, May 21st, 2024

A Surprise Act of Kindness

Ana Borger-Greco proudly showing off the wonderful gifts the department received from eight Spanish graduate program students.

In an unexpected turn of events during the Spanish graduate program’s traditional Gala Farewell Dinner, eight master’s students, six of whom graduated in August and two who will graduate in December, presented the foreign languages department with a framed photograph of El Greco’s “View of Toledo,” as well as a framed poem by Antonio Machado, titled “Caminante no hay camino” that included a photograph of the eight students. The poem speaks to a traveler, telling him that there is no “path” to follow, that you make your own path as you travel along the road of life. “I have rarely been so touched by thoughtfulness,” said Dr. Ana Borger-Greco, director of the Spanish graduate program and summer institute. These gifts will be on display in the foreign language department.

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Very impressive! I’ll try to get over to see the items. I trust your semester is off to a good start.

Carol A. Heintzelman

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