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Freshmen Will Tour Lancaster City

Lancaster Freshman Tour - 2009
As part of orientation, Millersville’s freshman tour of Lancaster City is scheduled for Saturday, August 28, from 1-4 p.m.

“We see it as an opportunity for students to begin connecting with their new environment,” said Kelly Duncan, assistant director of student programs at Millersville. “The Millersville community extends beyond the boundaries of our University. We want our students to begin to see themselves as a part of the Lancaster community and explore ways that they can become more civically engaged in their new environment.”

The tour of Lancaster City allows incoming freshmen to experience the city first hand as they explore the streets of downtown Lancaster. The ability to walk around the city, visit shops, talk with the locals and discover what the city has to offer to them, is an unrivaled experience surpassing a look at downtown brochures.

“In the past, the freshman tour has been one of the most popular aspects of our five-day orientation program. I’m glad that each year more and more businesses in the city want to share their knowledge, experience and business with our students,” said Rocio Torres ‘10, marketing assistant at Millersville’s communication and marketing office.

Because of the popularity of Millersville’s previous city tours, Lancaster Bible College is now also offering a tour of Lancaster for their freshmen on August 28.

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I am so glad that Millersville offers this tour of Lancaster City! I remember reading last year how impressed the incoming students were with Lancaster. If you need any information as to where to visit, be sure to logon to: and have fun!

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