The “Take a Seat” program was created to expand Millersville’s role in liberal arts programming and to enhance students’ experiences in the visual and performing arts.   Brass plaques are being sold for seats to benefit the new Visual and Performing Arts Center (VPAC) on campus.

Those interested in purchasing a seat have two options: “Take a Seat” in the new concert hall of VPAC for $300 per seat or “Take a Seat” in Lyte Auditorium for $600 per seat.  Names to be featured in either venue are limited to two lines with a maximum of 23 characters per line.

“The goal is to have each chair in each of the venues recognized by one of our donors or friends,” said Carol Reichler, director of special events.

The “Take a Seat” initiative is a continuation of the plaque program started in 1992, when Lyte Auditorium was being refurbished. The “old” plaques will be honored, reinstalled and placed on new seats, among the new plaques.

Approximately $11,000 has been raised so far. For more information on how to purchase a seat in the new facility, contact Carol Reichler at

Just remember – purchasing a seat does not reserve it.

“Take a Seat” Purchase Instructions:

  • Click on “Giving to Millersville” on the left side, at the Millersville U(nited) bar.
  • At “Giving Now” click on “Make a gift.”
  • Complete the required information.
  • At the “Gift Information” section complete the amount required for the seat(s) desired.
  • At the “Designation” drop down bar select “restricted annual fund.”
  • Below that, in the “Designation/Instructions” box, type either ‘New concert hall seat project for $300. Inscription to read: _______.’ or ‘Lyte Auditorium seat project for $600. Inscription to read: ____.”
  • Continue to complete information by scrolling down the page.
  • Click on “Go to Step 2 of 2” to complete the credit card payment information.

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