Tuesday, April 23rd, 2024

Duck Rescue

On July 6th a biology student who was studying alongside the pond noticed a duck that had a wing ensnared in the wire netting that goes around the island.  She was concerned for the safety of the duck and called MU police dispatch, who sent the police.  The police called Keith Eshleman, Millersville fire chief, who then called in the Millersville Fire Department and the Washington Borough river rescue squad.  They set up their inflatable raft and went out into the pond to rescue the duck. As they approached, the duck spotted them and must have received a burst of adrenaline -thrashed about – and managed to free itself – and off it flew!  As Millersville’s director of safety, Pat Weidinger said, “Another successful rescue and all in a day’s work for our local emergency responders.”

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