Monday, May 20th, 2024

Updated Birdcage

Skully showing off his new ride.

Millersville University’s beloved mascots the Marauder and Skully are always in high demand. From athletic events to charity work to events on campus, the Marauder and Skully exemplify school spirit – all while being entertaining and bringing people joy.

Skully resides in the MU Birdcage, the mascot van donated by the Jones Family of Dealerships. When Millersville unveiled its new athletics identity, the Mascot Team started working with graphic designers to give Skully’s Birdcage a makeover, too.

The van now displays the entire family of logos for athletics, which includes a standard athletics logo, the Spirit Mark (more commonly known as the “M” mark), a new Marauder head icon and standard Millersville and Marauder typefaces.

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