Tuesday, April 23rd, 2024

The Kayak Challenge

George Kerekgyarto, industry & technology professor, with his summer session 2 class.

Millersville’s Department of Industry and Technology is currently holding a four-week class that is giving students hands-on woodworking experience, building kayaks. On July 8 at 10 a.m., the class will release the kayaks at Creek Drive, located behind Pucillo Gymnasium on campus. From there, they will float downstream, hopefully, until they reach Rock Hill.

The course, “Advanced Problems: Water Craft Design/Construction” is being taught by Dr. George Kerekgyarto, industry and technology professor at Millersville. This is his second time teaching the course using kayaks. The course provides students with the opportunity to create something challenging while gaining experience in design and construction (view a slideshow on how to build a kayak).

“Kayaks are difficult but doable in the time period. Students are in love with this class. I never worry about someone missing class; it never happens,” said Kerekgyarto. “I like the kayak challenge because there are many types that we can build.”

The kayak design that Kerekgyarto chose is the generic F-1 design that fits most people’s body shape. Other kayaks are designed to fit the shape of the person building it and would not fit just anybody. The F-1, however, has a more friendly design, which allows friends and family to try out the kayak.

“It’s truly the zen of woodworking and outdoor sports converging in your head,” said Kerekgyarto. “The pride of achievement, of something of this caliber, is truly exciting.”

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