For Faculty

We’re hoping that this process goes as smoothly as possible, but do realize that there will inevitably be bumps along the way. The library will continue to communicate with departments throughout the renovation process and will continue to be as transparent as possible. During construction, a temporary library is available in Gerhart Hall. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact your Subject Librarian, email, or leave a blog comment.

  • How can I prepare for the time when the old library will be under construction?
    • A subset of our physical collection is available in Gerhart. However, students and faculty have been relying heavily on electronic resources (including e-books and journal databases) and consortia lending agreements during the renovation. Using our Request It service, users can receive requested articles electronically, typically within 24 hours. Our Request It (E-ZBorrow) service allow users to borrow books from libraries throughout Pennsylvania and the country. Faculty may want to reconsider assignment requirements to accommodate the need to get books from other libraries (delivery could take anywhere from 3 days to a week). Throughout this process, please feel free to contact your Subject Librarian with questions. We will continue to offer library instruction sessions (see below), including the use of electronic resources.
  • How can I place physical items on reserve before the collection is packed up?
    • Faculty members should work with their Subject Librarian to ensure that the appropriate physical items are placed on reserve.
  • Will students be able to view reserve items (such as DVDs) on-site at the temporary library location in Gerhart?
    • There are no dedicated DVD viewing stations available at the temporary library in Gerhart Hall.
  • Can faculty members check physical items out from the library before the renovation begins and continue to renew them during construction?
    • Faculty members can check out an unlimited number of items and can borrow them for 180 days at a time with a maximum of six renewals (provided the item has not been recalled). Items can be renewed online, via phone (717-872-3612) or by bringing your items to the temporary library in Gerhart.
  • Am I able to purchase new library items while the old building is closed?
    • Departmental liaisons should continue to discuss new purchases with their Subject Librarian.
  • Will special collections be accessible during the renovation?
    • The university archives are located in Franklin House on George Street during the renovation. Please contact us with any questions you have regarding the university archives. Our phone number will remain the same—(717) 872-3624 and you can email us at
  • Library instruction?
    • The library continues to offer customized research instruction sessions during the renovation. These sessions will utilize different labs on campus and may involve the librarian coming into the classroom. Please work with your Subject Librarian to arrange for instruction or email


Can students check items out from the library before the renovation begins and renew them during construction?

Students can check out an unlimited number of items and can borrow them for 28 days at a time. Students are allowed six renewals (as long as the item has not been recalled) and have a 21 day grace period before fines kick in. After the 21 day grace period has ended, students will be charged a replacement and processing fee for each overdue item. You can renew your items online (visit the library catalog, select ”Acct Info” and login to review your library account), via phone (717-872-3612) or by bringing your items to the library service point in Gerhart. Please see our Circulation Policy for more information. Faculty members with questions about renewal policies should visit the For Faculty section.

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