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A Center of Intellectual and Cultural Life
The role of academic libraries has changed significantly over the 43 years since Millersville’s Ganser Library opened its doors. Moving  away from sole reliance on physical materials, students now have the ability to access much scholarship electronically. Consequently, use of the library building has shifted dramatically to a more technologically-rich, flexible, and multipurpose educational space. The renovation of the Millersville University Library will bring the facilities into the 21st century, providing students, faculty and community  members with an experience second to none. The library is the heart of the University, where information meets curiosity to produce knowledge in all subjects. Physically at the busy intersection of George and Frederick streets, it also exists at the busy intersection of scholarship and innovation, where generations of seekers who interact with information in different ways can encounter the raw materials of learning in both traditional forms and brand new ones.  It is a warm and welcoming place where students and faculty collaborate, create knowledge, and celebrate culture, a place where people come for inspiration as well as exploration. While retaining the spirit of Old Main, which stood for many years on the site of the present library building, the revitalized Millersville University Library will help those investigating any question use the best technologies available to uncover the most comprehensive answers. It is where discovery and enlightenment happen.

Inside the New Millersville University Library:

  • Open floor plans, natural lighting, attractive architectural design, and flexible furniture will provide visitors with the uniquely collaborative space necessary for completing group and individual research.
  • An expanded, climate-controlled, secure space for the Millersville University Archives and Special Collections will ensure the longevity of valuable documents and materials, many of which are one-of-a-kind items relevant to the history of the university and surrounding community.
  • Programming areas and exhibit space will provide opportunities for civic engagement and student learning with campus and community organizations.
  • The renovated library will be ADA compliant, including redesigned restrooms and elevator access to each floor, increasing opportunities for all students and ensuring equality of service. HVAC and electrical systems will be upgraded to meet current and future needs of visitors, collections, and technology.
  • Additional, redesigned library classrooms (including smart technology and reconfigurable setup) will allow faculty librarians to utilize new models of teaching and learning for over 200 courses, reaching over 6,000 graduate and undergraduates yearly.
  • 24-hour public access area, centrally located café, and expanded technology will encourage students to make the library their space, where they mindfully build the information and cultural fluency that is central to the liberal arts education at Millersville.

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