The Library is Back!

On Monday August 26, 2013 the library finally opened its doors to the Millersville University student population.  After anxiously waiting for two years for the renovation to be completed, students now fill the once-empty floors of this building, now dubbed the Francine G. McNairy Library and Learning Forum at Ganser Hall.  The rededication of the library was held on October 24 at 4 p.m.

The students have been enthralled by the appearance of the library, which previously was, for the lack of a better term, ugly.  Upon entering the library, a student will be amazed at what they see.  The lighting, the comfortable seating, and the gorgeously painted portrait of Francine G. McNairy, Millersville’s latest president for whom the library is named, that hangs in the entryway are only a few of the reasons students would stop dead in their tracks after entering the building.  Students have commented on the glassed-in study rooms (the Alumni Reading Room and the Garden Room), the paint choices for the walls, the comfortable and nice-looking seating, and the modern exposed ventilation system in the ceiling.

Other than appearance, student feedback regarding the library has been positive.  Johnny Gainer, a Millersville senior who works as one of four Library Student Ambassadors (a new position created with the opening of the library), noted that 95 percent of the comments he hears about the library are good.  When approached for printing or catalog help, Gainer has noticed the students really enjoy the appearance and open seating the renovation has created.  Gainer also believes that his position,as a Library Student Ambassador has been a huge help for students.

“Students have a connection with the library and librarians [now],” he stated.

Computer use has also been popular.  Gainer noted that students have uncovered a problem in finding open computers to use, but there is a reason these computers are so popular.

“I really like that these computers have Adobe programs,” says Hannah Weicheld, a Millersville junior.  “Not a lot of the computers on campus have them.”

Weicheld often utilizes the Adobe programs on these computers to create flyers for the University’s Biology Club, of which she is secretary.  Other students are seen using the computers for homework, InDesign, and some are even caught catching up on their favorite TV shows.

Whether the students are in the library to study, order a cappuccino from the Starbucks café, or to relax between classes, they all seem pretty happy that the library is now open.  Everyone is.  The librarians, faculty, and staff alike are all pleased at the opportunities the completion of the renovation has provided.  Two years have not been spent in vain.  The library is back and is better than ever.

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