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For the last few years, Millersville students have been waiting in anticipation of the new library that will be opening back up on campus in the fall of 2013.  After much renovation, the inside of the library is beginning to take shape.  With numerous study areas, classrooms, and even a café, the library is going to be a relaxing and visually pleasing place where students can study and work.  The furniture that has been chosen for the library will certainly enhance the feel of the different rooms in the library.

One of the first unique pieces of furniture that one would see when first entering the library are the Leland brand benches.  Not only are they appealing to the eye but would also offer needed seating for a quick rest stop in the busy life of a college student.

Another room where the furniture offers practical and fun appeal is the reading room on the first floor.  This room will be filled with comfortable Herman Miller Swoop and Lounge chairs to serve students with a relaxing space to read and work.  And adding a more whimsical look to the room are little couches.  These Herman Miller Tato, Tatone, and Tantino chair will make one think of the good old days reading in elementary school on bean bag chairs when reading on these fun shaped couches was the coolest thing to do (although they’re firmer than bean bag chairs).

The area of the library that many students are excited for is the café and 24 hour study area surrounding it.  Cafés, for some reason or another (probably the coffee), bring a boost to the study and work atmosphere, and the furniture that will be in and around this area will do the same thing.  There will be Leland stools and bar seating at the café itself, and in the 24 hour study area there will be Haverford booths and tables for comfort and room to work.

Continuing with the first floor of the library, there will be a large common area with computers and printers for students to have access to and use throughout the day.  These unique looking Herman Miller pieces of furniture will give the work space an open and useful feel.  There will be even more comfortable Integra seating available around the computer area as well.  Every piece of furniture has a purpose and will be beneficial towards the environment of the library.

The first floor isn’t the only area that students can gather and work, for there are also multiple study rooms on the upper levels of the library.  On the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh floors there are group study rooms with white boards, chairs and easily moveable tables allowing for groups of students to meet outside of class and work on projects together in their own private study rooms.


And no library would be complete without… a place for the books, of course!  On almost every floor, there is new spacesaver shelving for all of the library’s collections.  Having seen some of this shelving first hand, it looks like it will keep all the books organized easily.  There is even bin like shelving for children’s books.

All in all, one would describe the new furniture for the library as exciting, fun, and modern.  The pictures of furniture shown above are examples of what students can expect to see, though they may come in different colors in the actual library.  The wait will definitely be worth it when students get to experience the brand new Millersville Library in the fall.

Also check out the Millersville University Library Facebook page for updates and photos!!/MULibrary?fref=ts

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