Renovation By the Numbers

The summer and fall of 2011 were busy seasons for the Library! During the summer, library services began in Gerhart Hall and staff and faculty members moved to various locations on and off campus. General collection materials were packed and moved to the off-site storage location during September and October. Archives & Special Collections materials were packed during the summer and early fall of 2011 and moving to Franklin House and the offsite location was completed by the end of October. Careful planning and lots of hard work made the move successful, thanks to staff, faculty, students, and our moving crew from Treier.

  • Items that were in the old library (books, microfilm, etc): 350,000+
  • Items moved offsite into storage: 460 pallets (13,800 boxes), equaling approx. 20,700 cubic feet (13.5 Burrows Hall Dorm rooms, filled floor to ceiling)
  • Items now available in the temporary library @ Gerhart Hall: 10,000+
  • Time spent boxing and moving items out of the old library: 5 weeks and 2 days
  • Individuals who helped box & move items: 40
  • Bubble wrap used: 108 rolls @ 375 feet/roll = 40,500 feet
  • Linear feet of shelving set up offsite for the reclass project: 10,000
  • Fluorescent light fixtures taken out of Ganser: 2,593
  • Fluorescent light bulbs taken out of Ganser: 4,182 (48” bulbs) and 204 (24” bulbs)
  • Truck trips made moving general collection items from Ganser to our offsite storage location: 49
  • Truck trips made moving Special Collections items from Ganser to our offsite storage location: 14
  • Truck trips made moving furniture and shelving from Ganser to our offsite storage: 21
  • Boxes filled with Special Collections materials: 2,700
  • Special Collections items available in Franklin House for research: approximately 600
  • Recycling dumpsters filled: 4 (40-yard) and 8 (20-yard)
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