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Do you have questions about the upcoming renovation project? One staff member did, and after she submitted them, we addressed them and posted them to our FAQ section:

CC image courtesy of shinyruu on Flickr

  • After construction, will both of the elevators be new?
    • Yes, once construction has been completed, both elevators seen in the preliminary design will be new. One will use the existing elevator shaft and the second will use a newly-created elevator shaft.
  • Will both elevators stop at the balconies?
    • Yes, in the new library building, all elevators will stop at all levels, including the balconies.
  • How will you deal with air circulation in glass staircase?
    • A new glass staircase can be seen in the preliminary design. The issues regarding air circulation, temperature and moisture have been brought to the architects’ attention and will be addressed by the team.

If you have questions about the upcoming renovation project, please feel free to submit them in the comments section or email new.library@millersville.edu. We will answer them here and add them to our FAQ section – either way, we will get the answer for you!

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