Oct 22 – MFA, Duo App, and You

This week we took a look at Multi Factor Authentication, what it is for, how it works, and the best way we can make it work for us here at Millersville and in our personal lives. According to a article at a partner site Expert Insight, there are 6 reasons to use MFA (2FA)

  1. Secure Against Identity Theft Via Stolen Passwords
  2. Protect Against Weak Passwords
  3. Mitigate The Use Of Unmanaged Devices
  4. Enable Your Other Security Measures To Do Their Job Properly
  5. Increase Your Productivity And Flexibility
  6. Stay Compliant

To read the whole story navigate to https://expertinsights.com/insights/6-reasons-you-need-multi-factor-authentication-mfa/

Here at Millersville we have Duo protecting nearly 1600 users and protecting nearly 3800 devices that access our data on a daily basis. In the last 24 hours there were nearly 2200 MFA authentication challenges that were initiated. Almost 460 of those were using a phone call or a SMS passcode being sent, the rest were using he Push feature. I challenge the MU community to get to 100% Duo Push, it is the BEST method of authentication.

Multi-factor authentication solutions provide simple but effective protection to individual users and the wider business network. Where possible turn on MFA as an extra level of protection both at work and at home.

If you have any further questions about Duo MFA or using/setting up Push, please contact the help desk at 717-871-7777 or via email at help@millersville.edu